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Icy Propane Cylinder

Ever seen an icy built-up outside the propane cylinder? Do not be alarmed, it can be explained by simple physics. Propane is a fossil fuel, which exists in the form of gas … Continue reading

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3 in 1 – A rare occurrence

One seed leads to one Kohlrabi plant. Kohlrabi is basically a stem modification and the plant has only one stem. However, it was a surprise to see 3 kohlrabis growing … Continue reading

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Farmer’s wish list

I am an engineer, a farmer, an apiarist, a photographer and an artist. The daily prompt challenge of ‘The poetry of list making’, made me think. A poem….Why not? To … Continue reading

August 17, 2016 · 11 Comments

Farm Gallery

Farm view as on July 23, 2016

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Eastern Blue Bird

  Eastern Blue Birds (Sialia sails; family of Thrushes) are small in size (16-21cm), beautiful blue-feathered birds with a partial white and orange breast. They typically will lay 3-7 eggs at … Continue reading

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New Born Fawn

A newly born fawn found resting in the farm while the doe went out foraging for food. The fawn played out there still and did not even blink its eyes. Even a … Continue reading

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Eastern Box Turtle

Eastern Box Turtle is a protected species and is generally found in deciduous forests, being a land reptile. Contrary to perception, it may drown when placed in deep water. It … Continue reading

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