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Icy Propane Cylinder

Ever seen an icy built-up outside the propane cylinder? Do not be alarmed, it can be explained by simple physics. Propane is a fossil fuel, which exists in the form of gas … Continue reading

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Small Hive Beetles

Small hive beetles (SHB) are a nightmare for an apiary. They simply try to takeover a hive and their fecal matter ferments the stored honey. I discovered an infestation of … Continue reading

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3 in 1 – A rare occurrence

One seed leads to one Kohlrabi plant. Kohlrabi is basically a stem modification and the plant has only one stem. However, it was a surprise to see 3 kohlrabis growing … Continue reading

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Hunger – Summer Issues in an Apiary

This summer (July –Aug 2016) has been brutal for the apiary. The new apiarist learned the hard way, the cyclic nature of the flowering trees. There are no garden books or articles … Continue reading

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Shyam Savera (Black & White)

  This is a recipe of a delicate and complex dish made out of Paneer (Indian Cottage cheese) and Spinach. The art of making the spinach and paneer dumplings is … Continue reading

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Farmer’s wish list

I am an engineer, a farmer, an apiarist, a photographer and an artist. The daily prompt challenge of ‘The poetry of list making’, made me think. A poem….Why not? To … Continue reading

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Farm Gallery

Farm view as on July 23, 2016

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Event on Harnessing Solar Energy

Greenbytes farm is coordinating the event with the help of Washington Borough’s Green Team to make this even possible. The following is the even press release by the Washington Borough’s … Continue reading

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Kohlrabi Salad

Ingredients Lettuce (Encore Mix) roughly chopped One Onion small (Red)  halved and sliced thin One medium sized Kohlrabi diced (bite sized) Half Cucumber diced (bite size) 1/4th cup Pumpkin Seeds (toasted) … Continue reading

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Kohlrabi belongs to the brassica family and it tastes like a cabbage but slightly sweeter; which can be eaten raw or cooked. The crunch and texture is just like an apple, … Continue reading

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