about us

BeesI remember someone asking me – what happens when two electronic engineers meet? My reply was – in the worst scenario, birth of a robot! But who would have thought of an organic sustainable farm instead?

This ‘all organic’ non GMO farm is coming to life in the beautiful and serene mountains of Warren County adjoining the lake Marguerite wildlife refuge.  The story of finding and building the farm is as fresh in our minds as the air around here. An old Swiss chalet has been updated by the budding farmers to live in and the old crumbling barns and greenhouse is being rebuilt. The green house is expected to extend the farming season and help grow herbs, vegetables and special plants round the year. We do believe that organically grown fruits and vegetables are essential for a healthy living.

Both of us have spent our childhood on large sprawling farms with fruit orchards and agro-forest.  With changing times; rapid urbanization and varying priorities of family, the land holdings slowly waned away. However, the urge to have a garden and excitement of seeing things growing in front of us remained in our psyche.  This love for nature combined with the generations of farming experience got re-kindled with the prospect of owning and managing a farm. 

Our focus is to grow vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers by applying all possible natural and organic practices. What is an organic farm without bees? So, we decided early to establish a small apiary by raising beehives. The increased yield of farm produce is direct benefit by increased pollination, while pure natural honey is the bonus. 

Nature is amazing and to live and grow in harmony with nature is therapeutic and joyful.  We hope our farm produce is able to bring the same happiness in your lives too.