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Solar Eclipse 2017

I still remember the total solar eclipse of 1980. It was February and the city in the beautiful hill town of Ranchi, India came to a standstill. All schools and … Continue reading

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Water Lilly

The water pond in the apiary had the first bloom of the water Lilly this season in the farm. The long term goal of our farm is to have a … Continue reading

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Farmer’s wish list

I am an engineer, a farmer, an apiarist, a photographer and an artist. The daily prompt challenge of ‘The poetry of list making’, made me think. A poem….Why not? To … Continue reading

August 17, 2016 · 11 Comments

Event on Harnessing Solar Energy

Greenbytes farm is coordinating the event with the help of Washington Borough’s Green Team to make this even possible. The following is the even press release by the Washington Borough’s … Continue reading

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Eastern Blue Bird

    Eastern Blue Birds (Sialia sails; family of Thrushes) are small in size (16-21cm), beautiful blue-feathered birds with a partial white and orange breast. They typically will lay 3-7 eggs … Continue reading

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New Born Fawn

A newly born fawn found resting in the farm while the doe went out foraging for food. The fawn played out there still and did not even blink its eyes. Even a … Continue reading

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Eastern Box Turtle

Eastern Box Turtle is a protected species and is generally found in deciduous forests, being a land reptile. Contrary to perception, it may drown when placed in deep water. It … Continue reading

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Why we do farming

Why not? John F Kennedy once said, to quote “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live … Continue reading

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Sustainability and United States

Today, the world lives in the 21st century. This phrase in itself is very powerful and important. It stands for all that the human generation has learnt from the industrial … Continue reading

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