Kohlrabi Salad


  1. Lettuce (Encore Mix) roughly chopped
  2. One Onion small (Red)  halved and sliced thin
  3. One medium sized Kohlrabi diced (bite sized)
  4. Half Cucumber diced (bite size)
  5. 1/4th cup Pumpkin Seeds (toasted)
  6. Dressing – Orange Juice 4tbs, Olive Oil 4tbs, Raw Honey 1tsp, Salt and Pepper, Jalapeño (optional, finely chopped, to your taste or the kick!). Mix all the ingredients well.

Preparation: In a large bowl, mix all the items 1 to 5. Apply dressing and toss it well.

Preparation time: Take your time to clean the veggies, no rush; dice and chop – be careful, even skilled chefs sometimes end up with a bloody finger or two.

Culinary Note: The salad consists of two very similar vegetables – cucumber and kohlrabi, high on water content and taste (not very distinct smell and mostly neutral tasting veggies) .  However, it is a very interesting contrast in terms of texture, Kohlrabi with a great crunch and white color will standout in the salad. The addition of orange juice brings in the desired acidity and the fruitiness.

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