Eastern Blue Bird



Eastern Blue Birds (Sialia sails; family of Thrushes) are small in size (16-21cm), beautiful blue-feathered birds with a partial white and orange breast. They typically will lay 3-7 eggs at a time and eggs are blue in color too. They feed mainly on insects and this makes them valuable for the farm ecosystem.

Eastern Blue bird were a threatened species couple of decades back, however, their population is now growing back thanks to the conservation efforts of different conservation groups (e.g. Audubon) and individuals.

These birds were rarely seen at our farm since we moved in about three years back. Last year, we installed birdhouses to attract these Eastern Bluebirds but without any success. The birdhouses ended up getting occupied by house wrens. However, this year, one of the birdhouses finally has a nest of Eastern Blue Bird and they seem to be flocking in the farm in greater numbers. The picture above shows four newly born chicks from the month of May. The birdhouse is still occupied by the blue birds and new sets of chicks are on the way. It took us a year, but the patience and perseverance has paid off. We too are now contributing towards their conservation and it feels just right.


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