What is common between bees and traditional Indian milkman?

Bees Area 1.jpg

When you talk about an Indian Milkman, water has to be said in the same sentence. He is the most sought after yet most notorious for selling diluted milk. In India he is the only one who magically sells more milk than produced every day. Before the white revolution in India, it was a common to get milk from the local neighborhood dairy farm. Every one of us will have a favorite cow or buffalo and would personally go early in the morning to the dairy farm and get the fresh milk, milked right in front of us from that cow/ buffalo. However, no matter how smart or alert we were, the milkman was always successful in mixing the water in the milk! This is the only business I know where water can be sold at the price of milk. 

Bees too use water to dilute the honey. However, dilution is the process to bring honey to its right consistency. It is a necessity and part of the honey production process. Once the honey reaches the right consistency and is ready, it is capped for a long-term safe storage. The capping protects the honey from any contamination and moisture impact due to the hive cooling process.

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